Workroom / Refurbish

In our many years of experience, the Dreams team has never met a project that it can’t handle. Quite simply, the results speak for themselves don’t you think?

– Our expert seamstresses create slipcovers, pillow and cushion covers, table coverings, & window treatments. All bedding from duvet covers to quilted bedspreads. We rejuvenate your existing down items! Our plant extends to washing, re-filling and re-shelling of comforters, pillows, feather beds, and cushions. Down Jackets and sleeping bags are limited to washing only.
– Additionally we solve problems such as pillows being too soft or not firm enough; comforters not warm enough, too warm or not big enough. Pieces that are leaking excessively can be fixed also.
– Refresh all your down items and get them back to an almost new condition in as little as 4-5 days!